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Harnessing the power of our oceans

Our disruptive technology will enable tidal energy to compete on cost and become a valued part of the renewable energy mix.

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Improving the resilience of the country’s clean energy systems

As an island nation, the UK’s tides could provide 12 per cent of the country’s electricity demand. Tidal energy, therefore, has an exceptionally important part to play in the renewable energy mix since it is the only form of renewable energy that is predictable – it has four peak power periods during the day, every day, 365 days a year, guaranteed. It doesn’t rely on weather conditions either. It is abundant and this capacity, coupled with its reliability, could provide a baseload replacing gas generation and securing energy supplies.

About QED Naval

“Our vision is to enable tidal energy to be a valued part of the renewable energy mix having a tangible impact on climate change, promoting clean oceans with a positive impact on marine life”

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Energy Security & Climate Change are a Reality

“We are already experiencing the impact of climate change with extreme weather. Global warming is having a devastating impact on our environment”

“Energy security and it’s predictability is now hitting us hard, with its effects being felt by us all as individuals.”

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Our Technology

Subhub Tidal Platform

“Subhub reduces deployment and maintainance costs by more than 60%. It increases site yields and revenues by up to 48%”

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Tocardo Tidal Turbines

“Tocardo tidal turbines are probably the most proven in the world with over a decades operational experience in Dutch storm barriers”

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Our Projects

“In an incredible journey to date QED has landed EU Interreg funding, a showcase €46m TIGER project; and acquired the Dutch flag ship OTP dam project, the world’s largest tidal turbine array”.

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It has never been more important to make changes to our enrgy supply.

Our technology is ready to make a difference in the supply of sustainable renewable energy.

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