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“Tidal energy is the only form of renewable energy that is 100% predictable, guaranteeing power 20 hours out of every day of the year. So, when there is no wind or sun, tidal can fill the gaps in demand without switching on fossil fueled generators.”

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An exciting opportunity for investors

Be a part of our rapidly developing tidal energy business - QED Naval Ltd.

QED has developed a disruptive, self deploying tidal energy solution that simply slashes operations costs and adds great yields through its design and proven turbines. Its strong team has: landed EU Interreg funding and a place on the showcase TIGER project; acquired Tocardo turbines as well as the world’s largest turbine array, the Netherlands OTP dam.
There is a unique opportunity for us to supercharge our growth, by bringing investors on board as shareholders. Contact us today for more information.

Monetisation Strategy

Our Plan

It is planned that QED will, in future, generate core revenue from:

  1.  licensing Subhub manufacture
  2. dividends from Tocardo turbine sales (structured this way as Tocardo is a part owned subsidary)
  3.  recurring, long-term income streams from remote monitoring of energy and data
  4. front end design and project management.

Initially QED will adopt a developer role with equity position on our sites initiated. It will operate these sites, until proven, then sold.

If and when the global market emerges and adopts QED’s technology, then it is anticipated that core revenues should benefit from long term, fixed contracts that scale significantly with our plans.

QED has secured EU funding which, along with private funding, leverages to accelerate development. We are competitive with diesel generation in off-grid locations. As we scale up we drive down costs and will be competitive with a clear route to market.

QED has a well-developed project pipeline. With Tocardo and new strategic partners, we now have a track record in delivering world leading projects and see this further enhanced with hydrogen generation.

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The UK has 50% of Europe’s tidal energy resource, and a predicted GVA of £1.4bl by 2030, ranking 2nd globally after Canada. With world wide opportunity tidal energy brings high-tech, green-recovery jobs, manufacturing and exports. We believe QED is well placed with its UK and EU operations.

QED is a technology and project developer of innovative hybrid-tidal energy solutions. It has developed a disruptive, self-deploying, turbine foundation platform called Subhub. Subhub saves stakeholders circa 60% on deployment, operating and maintenance costs, and increases yield, by up to 48%, through its novel hydrodynamic hull design.

Your green impact investment in renewable tidal energy with QED will help further demonstrate our key efficiencies, as outlined above, to the $76bn global market which we are addressing.

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It has never been more important to make changes to our enrgy supply.

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