This tender requires a functional specification for the power electronics suitable for use within a subsea pressurised container. A fixed price quote is needed for the upgrades to the current control sytem, assembly, commissioning and testing of the system in the workshop prior to handover.

Scope of Works

Design and Functional Specification

This tender requires the contractor to provide a functional specification for the power electronics suitable for use within a subsea pressurised container. This includes a fully costed and itemised list of equipment required to support the turbines and power conditioning equipment suitable for connection to national electrical grids in the UK and EU.

The specification of the equipment needs to consider the remote control aspects of this system being submerged up to 20m below the surface and all the possible faults that could occur during operation along with mitigations and control aspects required for continuous and reliable operation.

Within the specification of the equipment the contractor needs to provide the thermal outputs of each main component and the ideal environmental opearting conditions for maximum efficiency and understand the loses in efficiency resulting from that component.

Furthermore the contractor needs to provide, preferably tabulated, reliability and Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) data for each component. This should be presented as a full Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA).

The final part of the design is to define the specification and space requirements for a Subsea Transformer Unit (STXU) along with the cabling and cannector requirements for exporting the power.

Turbine Control System Updates

Tocardo already have a sophisticated turbine and platform control system. However, this assumes the power control system is easily accessible above water. Therefore this control system needs to be updated to include the necessary feedback and control loops to manage faults and trigger automatic responses subsea to protect each turbine, the Subhub platform and the environment around it.


QED Naval will order procure the equipment directly and free issue all the components to the contractor for assembly onto a standardised cassette or framework which fits within the geometric constraints of the Subsea Power Control Units of the Subhub.


The contractor will wire up all the equipment in accordance with the specifications and commission all the equipment on the support frame.


A factory acceptance test will be setup to put the each SPCU through its pases and demonstrate to the QED that the system is fit for purpose. This testing will include measuring thermal signatures of the main equipment. It will also include connecting up the STXU to each SPCU.

Once acceptance is agreed the SPCU’s and STXU will be packaged up and sent to the integration yard to be connected to the new tidal turbines.

If you wish to apply or have any questions please email us at and use the tender title above as the subject line. 

Questions submitted:

Q: What happens after the initial 6 months? Will the project go up for tender again?
A: Yes, under EU regulations this project will need to go out for tender every 6 months.

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