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QED Naval is looking for a supplier to provide the various power take-off circuitry to support this delivery of grid-compliant power from the Subhub Platform Control Unit (SPCU) into the
National Grid at the distribution level.

QED have already built and operated its Subhub tidal platform at sea since 2018, and has proven its installation, retrieval capabilities and O&M strategy. Its enhanced performance characteristics have been well-proven as part of the EU Interreg TIGER project. QEDs partnership in Tocardo tidal turbines has been in operations within the Dutch tidal barriers and sluice gates building up tens of thousands of operating hours over the last decade and most notably in the Oosterschelder Tidal Project (OTP) since 2016 which has generated over 3.3GWhrs.

This tender requires the delivery of a single turbine-generator power take-off (PTO) configuration in 2024 for testing before the remaining 2 PTO configurations are delivered to complete the Subhub ID arrangement for subsea deployment. The successful delivery of the tender described in this document could establish a relationship for future plans that include the initial extension from one Subhub ID to a mini-array of five (totalling 5 MW) followed by additional phases to a maximum array size of 30 MW.

Scope of work

PTO Overview

The PTO shall interface with one of the three PMSGs (that translate the energy from the three tidal turbines) before combining into a single grid output. The components composing of the PTO are expected to include: one LC du/dt filter, two sets of 3 phase breakers (one for each of the PMSG’s sets of stator windings), a single generator converter unit that interfaces to the LC du/dt filter, a 1 kV DC link with Braking chopper and pre-charge circuit, an active front end converter (AFEC) and associated LCL grid filter. The generator’s PTO will connect on the LV side of the grid transformer, which will step the voltage up and connect to the grid through a 5km export cable. This layout is highlighted in Figure 1 below.

Suggestions for PTO design improvement can be made by the supplier but justification for the changes should be provided. Further questions can be submitted during the tendering process if more information is required or for clarity on decision-making.



This timetable is indicative only.  QED Naval reserves the right to change it at its discretion.


Stage  Target Date/Time
Deadline for submission of questions 1 weeks prior to the tender deadline.
Deadline for stage 2A submission of completed tender 17:00:00 on Monday 18th March 2024
Evaluation of submitted tenders 10 working days from the deadline
Opening of stage 2B for final tender 29th March 2024
Deadline for stage 2B submission of completed tender 19th April 2024
Evaluation of tenders submitted 10 working days from deadline

If you wish to apply or have any questions, please email us at for the ITT document and use the tender title above as the subject line. 

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