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QED Naval is inviting tenderers to an exciting opportunity to be a strategic partner in the high value supply chain to manufacture 2 new turbine blade sets (PIN 53 T1 Blades 2.3ms-1 5.6m diameter) that we will fit to the Subhub-CD in the outboard positions. This partnership is key to unlocking the potential of a rapidly growing global $76Bn market and making a significant contribution to net zero carbon targets.
QED is issuing this initial ITP with an outline scope of works in order to identify a selected list of prospective tenderers.

Subhub-CD design for Yarmouth Tidal Test Centre with 5.6m diameter blades for the outboard turbines.

Subhub-CD design for Yarmouth Tidal Test Centre using 5.6m diameter blades on the outboard turbines.

To allow for flexibility in approach, QED is prepared to consider tender responses for either one or both of the following Lots:

•     Lot 1:  Manufacture of a Mould Tool and 2 blades sets (QED have 2 blades, or a single blade set, of the largest blades based on a 6.3m diameter turbines which is rated at 2.0m/s. These can be used to produce a mould plug if required.)
•     Lot 2:  Retrofitting Current Blades (Retrofit and extension of 4 blades or 2 x blade sets currently fitted to the outboard position turbines on their Subhub platform. QED would like to consider the option of extending these 3.4m diameter turbines to the prescribed 5.6m diameter designed for the Subhub-CD deployment at Yarmouth. It is intended to make use of the mould plug developed in Lot 1. QED and Tocardo currently have another 3 x T1 turbines in the workshop at Wieringerwerf along with a further 3 x blade sets which would need to be retrofitted for the UK market.

QED reserve the right to award Lot 2 only if it is clear from the supplier’s response document that the scope of work is fully understood and that a technically compliant proposal has been submitted demonstrating how these services will be carried out.


This timetable is indicative only.  QED Naval reserves the right to change it at its discretion.


Target Date/Time

Deadline for submission of questions 72 hours prior to the tender deadline.
Deadline for submission of completed ITT documentation 12:00:00 on Friday 26th August 2022
Evaluation of submitted tenders 4/5 working days from the deadline
Issue of accept / decline letters 6/7 working days from the deadline
Contract commencement 5th of September 2022

If you wish to apply or have any questions, please email us at and use the tender title above as the subject line. 

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