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 This Request for Invitation (RFQ) sets out the work scope and commercial requirements in relation to the following operations as part of QED Naval planning and consents (decommissioning plan) and sea trials of QED’s  Subhub Community Demonstrator at Yarmouth TTC:

1- Decommissioning Salvage Operations (Yarmouth)

2- Fitting of the Elephants Feet (Southampton Dock)

3-  Seabed Survey (Yarmouth)

QED Naval Limited is, through the EU Interreg TIGER project, testing and proving the capabilities of its Community Demonstrator Subhub unit followed by the design, development and fabrication of its Industrial Demonstrator Subhub, which will generate approximately one megawatt of electricity. QED’s road map is to develop at utility-scale and sees this progression as critical in developing its technological capabilities and business plan.

Critical to its development as a business is ensuring it attracts and secures the services of long-term strategic partners who can help deliver QED’s sizable supply chain and project pipeline for the long-term as well as deliver these initial steps and develop projects. This tender is a call for a strategic partner and long-term investment, forming a large and critical part of our tender selection process.

As well as delivering the TIGER project and work outlined in this specification, QED is looking for an appropriate cultural and development ‘fit’ from tenderers that will help scale, deliver the supply chain, drive its LCOE long-term and be a strategic partner and investor for the future.


Submission no later than: 12:00:00 on Friday 30th July 2021, (Extended until 12:00:00 on Friday 13th August 2021)

This timetable is indicative only.  QED Naval reserves the right to change it at its discretion.

Stage Target Date/Time
Deadline for submission of questions 12:00:00 on Friday 05th November 2021
Deadline for submission of completed RFQ documentation [1] 12:00:00 on Friday 12th November 2021
Evaluation of submitted offers 12:00:00 on Friday 15th November 2021
Issue of accept / decline letters 12:00:00 on Friday 15th November 2021
Contract commencement TBC

[1] For the avoidance of doubt, if the submission deadline is different than the date published via the company website, the date on the company website shall apply.

If you wish to apply or have any questions please email us at and use the tender title above as the subject line. 

Questions submitted:

Q: What happens after the initial 6 months? Will the project go up for tender again?
A: Yes, under EU regulations this project will need to go out for tender every 6 months.

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