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QED’s Subhub tidal platform, capable of delivering 240kW to remote island communities or off-grid solutions, has been towed out of beautiful Strangford Lough to Pembroke Dock for refit of their new Tocardo tidal turbines.

As part of the EU Interreg TIGER Project, Subhub will demonstrate how tidal energy can be quickly and very costs effectively be deployed and maintained over large distances and a broad range of weather conditions. It will also validate the performance claims that the company has about Subhub-CD significantly increasing yield by at least 20%. The trials at their test site in Yarmouth will also validate the companies design tools and processes.

Late on Sunday evening Subhub-CD, known as Kraken, arrived in Pembroke, South Wales after a 200 nautical mile tow from the beautiful Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland. This major milestone demonstrates the ease of deployment over large distances and relatively low cost of operating fully integrated tidal energy solution. Importantly, this operation can be done in relatively high seastates and wind conditions whereas traditional heavy lifts at sea are often majorly constrained.

These operations were all conducted using proper Marine Coastguard Agency approvals for the operations within UK coastal waters. This entailed load line assessments, surveys and certification prior to departure. Further qualification for this operation was also required with Marine Warrantee Surveyor who represented the insurance company.

Williams Shipping were selected for the towing operation having well qualified crew and ideal vessels for the tow. They also have operational bases in both Pembroke, Southampton and Fawley on the South Coast which suits ongoing operational requirements for QED Naval and the TIGER project.

This is a major milestone for the Subhub-CD and the TIGER project which will validate QED’s design tools and the performance and energy yield characteristics of the new Tocardo T1 tidal turbines.

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Questions submitted:

Q: What happens after the initial 6 months? Will the project go up for tender again?
A: Yes, under EU regulations this project will need to go out for tender every 6 months.

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