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With the UK’s dependency on a green recovery and net-zero target of 2050, we are very dependent on renewables. Unfortunately, we are well behind in all areas and very dependent of fossil fuels, having invested so heavily on wind and solar as, when there is no sun or wind, we see great gaps in our grid, and are paying heavily in balancing, with costs of up to £4000/MWh. We urgently need a predictable energy mix and storage solutions.

Our seas and rivers can make a difference. As a maritime nation the UK, with 50% of Europe’s tidal energy, is well placed to benefit from this 100% predictable, abundant resource which can deliver 11% of our electricity and a GVA of £1.4bl by 2030.

Technology developers. Like QED Naval, have however to compete with the likes of wind who have benefitted from Government assistance up to now. This is changing as the UK, devolved Welsh Government and Marine Energy Wales, now look to help bring on the next generation of energy with AR4, grants, and CfD initiatives.

The tide is turning for companies like QED. With their innovative self-deploying foundation system and recently acquired Dutch turbine operation, Tocardo (partnering with Hydrowing) they have had years of product testing and development in the water, and are ready to deploy. On receiving Interreg EU funding for its TIGER, QED is now showcasing its community-scale Subhub platform and Tocardo tidal turbines and is building its next generation 1.25MW industrial-scale platform.

Wales has benefitted from this already with QED establishing itself here and from recent orders and, as QED sets about acquiring site options for the future, it could benefit more ie from its MORLAIS tidal site.

2021 has already seen QED acquire, through their JV, Holland’s iconic infrastructure Oosterschelde Dam Project. QED is aligning itself to a $76Bn global market and sees supply chain partnerships as key. With every 300MW, QED has some £600m of supply chain opportunity and GDV. It sees the UK, and Wales in particular, as well-positioned to lead this sector and benefit, especially with global focus and COP26 coming to Glasgow.

QED’s Subhub – a self-deploying platform that saves 60% on costs and adds up to 48% yield through design

Tocardo Turbines in the Netherlands iconic Oosterschelde Dam, a global showcase infrastructure project

Tocardo Turbines in the Netherlands iconic Oosterschelde Dam, a global showcase infrastructure project

Jeremy Smith (Chief Executive Officer) and Keith Murray (Chief Commercial Officer)


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