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QED is delighted to have the support of Williams Shipping in our Interreg TIGER project that transported our Subhub tidal platform from Strangford Lough, NI to Pembroke for refit.

Subhub is soon to be launched and towed to the Southampton for final integration of our Tocardo T1 tidal turbines and then deployment to Yarmouth Tidal Test Centre for performance validation of this disruptive tidal solution.

Expectations are high to provide a step change in the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE) which will bring commercial value to the sector and start developing the capacity to provide the national grid the system benefits from the predictability and regularity of the peak power outputs. This type of renewable energy generation is unrivalled in its benefits it can bring to the grid.

For the latest update on Subhub project as part of Interreg Tiger Project see news article: specialist-tow-for-sensitive-monster



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